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​Airsoft Plantation weekenders are what set us apart from the other sites.
we have been running weekend events for nearly 8 years and in that time we have learnt how and what the players want, so we always play through the night and camp within the game zone. there's always a bbq and wind down party for the players that would prefer to get some rest. we have prize give away's, raffles and competitions. we do fancy dress, themed roll played exciting scenarios, and much much more, if you've not been to an A.P weekender then you've been missing out on one of airsofts best organised events. A.Ps weekenders have been talked about around the world and can involve any thing from live strategic bombing runs to being flown into battle in helicopters a.p really don't spare any expenses when it comes to making sure the players get the best value weekender for money that we can offer.


         Christmas themed 
             Airsoft action.

Walk on event, no need to book.
30.00pp Walk on fee.
60.00pp Hire package and walk on fee.

Our biggest ever in game prize give away.
Festive themed games.
Festive food menu.
Fancy dress welcome.
Serious Airsoft action with huge helpings of added fun.
and much much more....

The prize give away game.....
we will be playing our famous father Christmas game with a massive prize give away twist.
Players will fight within there teams to win the game and win some awesome Airsoft goodies to take home as well, including lots of R.I.F'S, Airsoft accessories and consumables worth over £1000.
The game....

Red team will fight it out against the Blue team in this awesome fun festive themed game. Both Blue and Red team will start out the game at opposite ends of the arena searching for their team colors lost Christmas presents, once a team member has found a present he must return it to Father Christmases grotto, where the present will be opened and a raffle ticket hidden inside will be handed from the present to the player that retrieved it, the player then keeps hold of his or hers ticket and rejoins the game with the new mission of assisting their team color to retrieve all their lost presents first before the other team gets all theirs home. The team which returns all their presents first is the winning team.
There will be over 30 give away prizes within the presents and the prizes range from anything between top end A.E.Gs and pistols to walk on vouchers and bumper stickers not to mention we will be throwing a limited edition A.P key ring in there as well.

​                       N ight Games
Night games play from around 17:00-22:00/00.00.
we play night games at the time of year when the daylight fades early in the evening, giving players the chance to play into the dark.
lasers, tracers, lightsabers and night vision always welcome.
to be announced

​                              S easonal Events
A.P has always liked nothing more than to have a good old laugh, and we go all out on it when it comes to our special events, weather its our christmas shoot, halloween, fireworks night, or easter we are always sure to put on a good show, thamed for our in game use of pyrotechnics and our amazing fireworks displays our seasonal special events are always set to go off with a bang and are sure to never disapoint.
christmas shoot december 18th 2017